2018 is Visit Pampanga year






CLARK FREEPORT — A group of travel agents has initiated a tourism program dubbed “Visit Pampanga 2018” in a bid to promote the province including its rich culture. Bessie Rustia, organizer of Balik Pinas, Balik Saya tourism program and owner of Creative Travel and Tours International, said the project will complement other projects of the Department of Tourism including the Bring Home A Friend. Former President and now Pampanga Second District Representative Gloria Macapagal Arroyo pushed for the project, according to Rustia. “GMA (Arroyo) said she wants Pampanga to be Visit Pampanga Year this 2018. So in my own capacity, I integrated it into the Balik Pinas. I said let’s complete the menu of Pampanga,” Rustia said. “We are very much aware that we are not blessed with natural wonders but we have qualities that only us Kapampangans have,” Rustia said.

With this, Comercio Central, a weekend market place, and a social hub and a trading area, was established, she added. The area will showcase Kapampangan culture. “So Comercio Central was conceived to create an impact so we will have distinct reason why tourist will come to Pampanga. Comercio Central is not just a market place, it’s a social hub. Then we will create an event center,” Rustia said. Various sectors like the agriculture are supporting the project, which will start on November 25, according to her. “I am here to invite you so we can work together in one common objective to promote Pampanga this coming 2018,” Rustia said. “The Philippine Tourism Board said that is very nice program and we will empower you,” she added.

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