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    One sentence per bar complete bar breakdown Angeles City Pampanga Philippines - Quick guide to barhopping


    Quick guide to barhopping

    • Club Mix: Korean Karaoke/Live music venue has some sexy girls visiting here and working F/L
    • Bunny Ranch: Terrible Line up (should consider changing girls completely)
    • Love & Music: Closed thank god - could be another Korean joint shortly
    • Hollywood: Very average girls and annoying door girls outside
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    Talk around town: The Body Shop could be on the verge of closure

    65h6Older mongers and experienced Chubby Chasers are not providing enough $$$ it appears in recent months to keep The Body Shop going for too much longer that's the opinion gathered when speaking to a couple of regulars who have started drinking elsewhere.

    So whats wrong with the Body Shop does not take a great deal of working out, the line up is horrific and the service quality, decor and outside appearance is all of the lowest quality.

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    Manic Monday's at La Bamba, Rhapsody, Monsoon and The Body Shop

    rhapCome join Manic Monday today at After Dark Lounge Bar. Join the party at After Dark from 6pm - 8pm and happy hour prices till 9pm. Girls from After Dark, Body Shop, Monsoon, La Bamba and Rhapsody will all be in attendance. P65 local drinks, P130 ladies drinks, finger food and raffles prizes etc..

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    Fire Pit expands to have outside bar space

    Fire Pit ExpandsFire Pit has expanded due to customer demand and its a very interesting concept they are attempting to expand out. However, inside the table spacing still limits people from the best stage views and its hard to adjust due to the small size of the bar.

    On stage they have been performing well with a Noreen and her colleagues keeping guys happy day after day and now with the new outside are which they would like to use to host sports and be their WI-FI lounge.

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    New Color Bar Opens on Fields

    New Color BarColor Bar a small bar located next to Texas and Hollywood on Walking Street it is the little sister of very popular Korean bar Aura Bar managed by Korean guy Park Jun and owned by David Navi it has been quite a decent money generator for a number of years with the Korean customers getting discounted prices from Westerners or Filipinos the business has made its money essentially from Korean only environment. The Korean only environment is something that needs to be challenged in the Philippines as legally no bar, restaurant or business should be allowed to distinguish by race or gender if a customer is willing to behave and and pay for drinks and services all the way from Friendship to Balibago 50% of Korean businesses have been developed to support the Korean only culture and this has transcended to the actually Filipina girls like Angel Lyka, Shaii Shaii have all been brainwashed to think White guys are the devil in Color bar...

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