Fire Pit expands to have outside bar space

Fire Pit ExpandsFire Pit has expanded due to customer demand and its a very interesting concept they are attempting to expand out. However, inside the table spacing still limits people from the best stage views and its hard to adjust due to the small size of the bar.

On stage they have been performing well with a Noreen and her colleagues keeping guys happy day after day and now with the new outside are which they would like to use to host sports and be their WI-FI lounge.

My personal view is this needs to be managed carefully as the last bar to have open access to the street was Phillies and we know the people outside have stopped the people from going inside… I think Fire Pitt will need to keep their business focus around the girls and it should be okay but still their extension will need to also include sexy girls to keep people interested in sitting in this new area…

Only time will tell but given that there is not too much competition immediately close to Fire Pit their business should keep attracting customers moving forward.

Inside the bar the line up has been quite stable for a number of months and the waitresses have been good entertainment also although if you don’t sit right in front of the stage the seating is just awful.

Keep up the good work everyone from Fire Pit and hope your new extension does well