Killing of LYCEUM SUBIC BAY Canteen Operator Baffles Kins

Killing of LYCEUM SUBIC BAY Canteen Operator Baffles Kins


UPPER CUBI, Subic Bay Freeport – – – Residents and locators are baffled by the shooting and killing, a rare occurrence in this bustling Freeport, of a local businessman, recently.

Arman Q. Juaneza, 43, a canteen operator at Lyceum of Subic Bay, was allegedly found wounded, leaning against the driver’s side of his Mitsubishi Delica Van in front of the school’s new campus in Upper Cubi, but allegedly died moments later, according to the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Law Enforcement Department (LED).

He allegedly sustained two bullet wounds in the belly and another on the left knee but, the report said, Juaneza did not utter a word to responders, and later slumped on the ground and died.

Relatives of Juaneza, a former driver & bodyguard of Alfonso E. Borda, head of Lyceum of Subic, are not buying the official report and even the Philippine National Police (PNP) Scene of the Crime Operative’s (SOCO) findings, which, they say could have been tampered with.

Borda’s current driver & bodyguard, a certain Roden Entrolezo, was connected with the local PNP Soco and meddled with investigators at the crime scene, Juaneza’s relatives alleged.

Eighty-one-year-old Alejandro Juaneza, the victim’s father, said “we will seek justice until justice is served.”

To date, there is not a single suspect in the killing despite the presence of security guards, on top of LED personnel, in the area, which is part of the fenced territory of the Subic Bay Freeport.

The elder Juaneza suspects two possible motives in the killing of his son. One is in connection with the alleged womanizing of Borda.

Sources said on the night hours before the killing of Juaneza, Borda’s wife made a scene in the campus allegedly after finding Borda and company having a drinking session with women, in the school’s office.

Another angle is the involvement in drugs of some personalities in Lyceum of Subic Bay, specially at the Upper Cubi campus that also doubles as a housing area.

Several Chinese nationals with connection to the alleged floating shabu laboratory seized by authorities in Subic Bay off Calapanyan, Subic, Zambales in July, allegedly resides at the Lyceum of Subic Bay campus in Cubi, posing either as instructors or students of APG International Aviation Academy.

Both Lyceum of Subic Bay and APG, however, currently do not operate a school in the Cubi Campus as applied for in their application to use the area from the SBMA, but are merely using the area as “office” and for “accommodation” purposes.

In an emailed set of questions, Borda gave his account of the incident, admitting among others, that the victim intimated with him the connection to drugs of Chinese nationals staying at Lyceum of Subic. Borda supplied his response on condition that it be published “as it is” and not be edited.

We are giving way to his request:

Question: Subic Bay News (SBN): What is your general reaction or sentiment on the shooting and death of the victim?;

Answer: Alfonso E. Borda (Borda): I am deeply saddened by this turn of event. Arman has been my driver for almost 5 years, his family is very close to me. His wife is our Chief Cashier at lyceum. My wife and I is the one who sent His wife to College and Arman’s wife never worked to any company except with our company. I am also a part of whatever success they have right now. Arman asked my wife if they could operate the school canteen and approved it immediately and until now they are the ones operating the school canteen. Arman is already a part of our family. Kami pa nga tumulong para makasal sila at ninong ako ng mga yan. Arman is very close to me. Muntik na kaming mamatay na dalawa ng madisgrasya kami sa NLEX. Lately my project sya (Arman) na water system and my wife is one of His financiers. Every time na may project syang gagawin sa area nila number one kami laging sumusuporta sa kanya. Alam yan ng pamilya nya.

Q. SBN: You told LED investigators you had dinner with the victim the night of the shooting but left them, including a certain Capt. Miguel, at around 12MN. Why would dinner last up to 12MN, and why leave the victim when he was allegedly invited by you to come over?;

A. Borda: On the morning of before the incident, Arman and His wife Ghie came over to cubi for me to sign some documents needed at Lyceum (CBD), He also gave me some money as my cash advance to the school because I have many visitors during that day. I told Arman to comeback at around 4:00 at cubi because I am offering him a new Job and he was excited about that. As a matter of fact he told Col. Salida about my offer to Him. After our conversation we have a dinner together with some of my visitors including Capt. Miguel of APG Aviation Academy. After the dinner we have a little drink while singing, with a pianist while I’m on the guitar. We started our dinner and drinking MP LITES at around 9:00 in evening and ended at around 1:20 A.M. Around 1:30 A.M. I told Arman that I wanted to go home now because its already late, and He said Yes Sir. So all of us went out together while Arman went to his Car parked inside AIS. According to our Logbook Arman went out of AIS Campus at around 1:35 a.m. At around 2:30 this incident happened.

Q. SBN: The victim bore signs of torture, specially of strangulation, which appears to be the real cause of death, aside from loss of blood. Would you care to comment on this?;

A. Borda: I was not aware that the victim bore signs of torture. How could he be tortured in a matter of hour?

Q. SBN: Certain undocumented Chinese nationals, thru your partner APG, allegedly stays at LSB Cubi. The victim allegedly learned of these Chinese nationals’ involvement in drugs, including the floating shabu lab boat apprehended in waters off Subic Bay, and he reported the same to you. Is this true and if so, what was your action, if any, on the information he supplied?;

A. Borda: Its not true that there are undocumented Chinese Nationals in our Campus. Its true that there are a lot of different nationalities including Chinese asking if they could rent a place, but I told them its only for our students. If whoever has a doubt or if ever SBMA has a doubt they are always welcome to visit the place and see for themselves. About the floating shabu lab in passing Arman mentioned about it but did not gave any details.

Q. SBN. There are allegations that you do drugs. Would you confirm or deny and/or submit yourself to a random drug test?

A. Borda: Hahahahaha I’m into drugs? or illegal drugs to be exact. I haven’t even seen in my entire life what an illegal drug looks like. If the court would require me to submit myself for a drug test, why not. The pleasure is mine.

Q. SBN: Who would be your suspect/s in the killing of the victim?;

A. Borda: I was not there when this incident happened, so how would I know.