Mercedes-Benz opens Clark office





CLARK FREEPORT — The Mercedes-Benz Group Services Philippines Incorporated (MBGSP), a subsidiary of Daimler AG in Germany, on Tuesday, November 28, inaugurated its office inside the Freeport.

European Union Ambassador to the Philippines Franz Jessen, who attended the launching on Tuesday, said that opening of Mercedes-Benz Clark office manifests the confidence of European firms to the Philippines. “Seeing all of the things happening over the 18 months are very interesting. One is that we have a company here, Mercedes-Benz which is not new to the Philippines but they already have an existing operation in Cebu,” Jessen said. The German automotive company knows the business climate in the country very well, according to the official. “Then they are diversifying to make sure that their operations can continue no matter what hurricane hits what part of the country and they are doing that within the Philippines,” Jessen said.

The firm’s decision to locate in Cebu and Clark is a strong demonstration of its trust in the Philippine economy, he added. European companies like Mercedes-Benz are investing in the country and the trade between the Philippines and Europe has become stronger. Philippine exports to the EU have increased by 34 percent, according to the official. The increase of export figure which represents over US$4.6 billion in the first half of 2017 alone made EU the country’s second largest export partner, he said “That stronger growth you see in any of the partners that the government talked about all the time, it’s actually something that’s going on. It’s driven by business, it’s not driven by political statement but simply driven by business interest which I think is very good,” Jessen said. Heiko Nitsche, chief executive officer of MBGSP, said they have employed 40 locals for their operation in Clark. “We have now 40 employees here located and we will also grow over the next few years and very strongly.” When asked about the firm’s investment figure, Nitsche said that “the main investment is actually the employment. That is something which I am very proud of, that we have the opportunity to employ people here from Pampanga.”

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