Talk around town: The Body Shop could be on the verge of closure

65h6Older mongers and experienced Chubby Chasers are not providing enough $$$ it appears in recent months to keep The Body Shop going for too much longer that’s the opinion gathered when speaking to a couple of regulars who have started drinking elsewhere.

So whats wrong with the Body Shop does not take a great deal of working out, the line up is horrific and the service quality, decor and outside appearance is all of the lowest quality.

Angeles City is in the modernization phase now with bars such as Eruptions renovating, Patches appealing to the older audience up on the perimeter but with a new fresh look. On Fields there has been plenty of movement with the new Color Bar opening up in addition to another new bar opening where Texas used to be.

The time for change is among us and you need to change with the times to keep the tills ringing and the wolf from the door

Good luck to all at Body Shop and also Las Vegas that may need to be renamed Last Vegas the way its going ..